Dinner Review

Olive Garden Dinner:

I knew there was never ending breadsticks, what I don’t understand is how they are doled out. There were two of us at the table, but we were given three breadsticks. Rasberry Lemonade (non-alcoholic) cost ten cents more then soda. A plate of sketty and meatballs is over $10, and while the plate is big, I recommend filling up on the breadsticks since the portion size of the sketty is small and they were real stingy on the amount of meatsauce (or any sauce in general). The waitress used English as a second language, but I don’t think Italian was her first either. You have to pick soup or salad, you can’t decline both. Doggie bags are scooped at the table into the styrofoam container by the waitress. The wait staff keeps their personal belongings under the wine counter in the middle of the dining room. You can watch them pop pills between tables. As the clock strikes five pm the hostess automatically hands out the lightup/vibrate thingies, even though there are plenty of empty tables.

We bailed before desert.

My rating: eh, I’m in no rush to return

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