Pizza, the official food of Heaven

Yes, a goddess spoke to me, and she said, “They paid the royalties, and a little extra for the advertising rights, so Pizza is now the official food of Heaven”.

And with the coupon in hand, we headed off to New England Pizza House #1 on West Main St, Hyannis (no website).

We walked in and decided to utilize the coupon for Two small, Two topping pizzas for $11.99 plus tax. PBJ selected linguica and pepperoni. I selected pepperoni and black olive. Sodas are available in 20oz bottles, coke products. There is also Lottery available if you need to gamble.

The menu also has subs, salads, and a few fried items. NE Pizza House has been at this location for years, and for the purpose of full disclosure, I had visited several times before.

We sat in a ‘booth’ near the fireplace (it may be real, but I’m not sure) with the big screen TV. The last few times I’ve been in, the TV has had a soccer game on. This trip was no exception. The interior ceiling is cathedral with dark beams with a few large windows facing east.

This is not a waitstaff restaurant, so you’ll need to listen up for your order number. And then you’ll have to go up to the counter and retrieve your food, but the counter staff does put it on a tray for you.

The type of pizza crust is uniquely New England. Slightly flaky, a little crunch on the bottom, sweet, and full of tiny air holes. I call it New England Greek Style Crust (CRUST not the kind of Greek pizza that comes with feta cheese). It’s most often found in the pizza shops that were/are owned by Greeks.

I was able to eat all but three pieces, PBJ ate one of the remaining pieces (he claims to never have had pepperoni and black olive) and I brought two home.

Here is something also unique to the NE Greek Crust Pizza: I reheats the next day without being as hard as a brick. I can’t even get my own crust to do that!

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