Run from the Tourists!

On the motorbike ride home Tuesday from P-Town, the plan was to stop at Arnold’s in Eastham for dinner. They have the ‘newest’ mini-golf on the outer cape. I just wanted to eat cheap food.

When we finally made the left turn across traffic, we found Arnold’s to be mobbed. Actually, the line was out the door and across the front of the building. There were no parking spots left. We decided to eat elsewhere.

But where?

First we had to get our motorbikes heading back south. This meant pulling a left turn across double lane route 6. I told PBJ we’d probably have to go right, then left, then right, to go south.

He consulted Jill.

Jill, PBJ's GPS

PBJ followed Jill out the back exit of Arnold’s. I followed PBJ, and Sally came along with me. Did you follow that? Anyway, Jill popped us out onto route 6 at a set of traffic lights.

And then we headed south. Again. Next we got stuck in merge traffic coming into the Orleans Rotary (which is actually in Eastham).

We got off the highway at the rotary and rolled through Orleans. PBJ consulted Jill, and found Capt’n Elmer’s for dinner.

Yeah Jill!


When we arrived at Capt’n Elmer’s there was only one other table occupied. I was sort of afraid. We were seated and I checked out the specials. The deserts were tempting.

Mmmmm….. Chocolate….

When we decided on a meal, it was all times two, shipmate! We both had Pepsi, cup of clam chowder ($4.95), and the fish n’ chips ($14.95). I did ask if I could order the Senior Citizen’s fish n’ chips ($10.95), but the waitress turned me down.

The clam chowder was thick with clams and potato chunks. We both added a dash of pepper to our chowder. And yes, the correct crackers were provided.


An added bonus: warm buttered bread. But if you didn’t think that the bread had enough melted butter on it, an entire bowl of butter pats was also supplied. I did not partake in the bread, but PBJ assured me it was good.


His decision to eat all the bread would come back to haunt him.

The fish n’ chips came out and the portions were 3 good size pieces. Mine were piled atop a mini mountain of fries. The excess oil off the fish made my chips a tad soggy. They didn’t appear to be very crispy to begin with, so the fish was the chips downfall.


I was stuffed after just two of my three pieces of fish. I tried to finish my chips, but my tummy just couldn’t handle the truth.

I was full.

PBJ forced himself to finish. He said the bread pushed him over the edge.

I had the waitress wrap up the remainders to go. Mr Diezel will be so happy with his dinner treat.

As we left, we both noticed how the dinning room at Capt’n Elmer’s had nearly filled up. Lucky for us, the little baby who sounded about to have a nuclear meltdown, had been seated on the exact opposite side of the room.

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

  • Cute/tacky/stereotypical nautical decor
  • Chowder FULL of clams, correct crackers, warm bread & tasty fish
  • Pleasant waitstaff wasn’t overly annoying or perpetually missing
  • A smidgy over our price point and soggy/non-crispy fries

I realized that I am not a Pepsi fan. Usually I order a lemon-lime beverage, which all taste pretty close to the same. At Elmer’s I ordered a caffeinated beverage because I didn’t want to be sleepy for the rest of the scooter ride home. I didn’t really care for the Pepsi flavor. I actually had flashbacks to taking the “Pepsi Challenge” as a kid. Personally, I challenge Pepsi to taste less icky when paired with my dinner.

The rest of the motorbike ride home was highlighted by me getting stuck behind a pickup truck with exhaust smelling like electrical wire being burnt by charcoal. Pass the gas mask and Fabreeze. Then my glove box popped open on the highway and I couldn’t get it to close. Back at home I realized that the spring in the latch has failed or is no longer springy. If I use the key and ‘lock’ the glove box, the latch magically springs to life. Gooftastic.

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One Response to Run from the Tourists!

  1. Jesse Bryden says:

    Never take a left on route 6 in the summer without a traffic light! So glad Jill looked out for you:) The right left right combination’s are a pain in the butt. Bummer you didn’t get to eat at Arnold’s. They are supposed to have the world’s best clams and I haven’t eaten there. I bet I have driven by a million times. Maybe we should go down in the off season.