In a dive bar in a west end town


For dinner Tuesday, PBJ and myself hit up the Quahog Republic Dive Bar in Falmouth. Prior to being a Dive Bar, the Quahog was known as Margo’s, and before that, Winston’s. We tried it out when it was known as Margo’s, but from the look of Margo’s interior, it’s safe to say she didn’t freshen the place up after Winston left.

IMG_0326 Front door


The Quahog has really cleaned and brightened the place up! For a hole in the wall in a sad little strip mall, the Quahog is homey, like dirty shoes wouldn’t bother anyone.

IMG_0313 Looking down the dining room

I sat against the wall on the large banquet seating bench. PBJ sat in the tall canvas captains chair. The table, unfortunately, wasn’t close enough to my bench seating because of the legs hitting the step on the bench. Still, I made do.

Each table has a metal bucket full of essentials. Napkins, condiments, salt & pepper, menu, utensils (just forks, maybe that’s all you really need…) and specials. For the recent holiday, a splash of the flag was also in the bucket.

IMG_0317 This bucket on the table has everything you need

We really had no idea what to order. For a drink I asked if they had lemonade. The waitperson with “Quahogaholic” on the back of his T-shirt asked if I wanted Mike’s Lemonade. I looked at him all shocked like and said Nooooo…. and he said that regular lemonade was available.

IMG_0323 Snazzy glass cup


PBJ had a sprite. If you ever want to eat out cheap, stay away from the alcohol. It’s also safer to drive home afterwards.

Now I need to tell you a little background. The Quahog is the reincarnated, relocated, & renamed Mashnee Island Grill. Before finalizing our food order at the Quahog, I consulted my Island Grill review to be sure we didn’t duplicate our order. At the Island Grill we had ordered clam chowder, and I had raved about the bacon bits. The Quahog only had quahog chowder.

I passed. PBJ did venture outside my comfort box and order a cup.

IMG_0318 Quahog Chowder

The problem with relying on PBJ to give feedback on food is that he’s a guy of few words. No raves about the bacon, no comments on the quantity of quahog, no pointing out if the crackers are of the correct variety. (Update: He said that the chowder was really good, even though it wasn’t clam.)

And yes, there are correct crackers to serve with chowder. Saltines are completely wrong. The puffy oyster crackers (Westminster from Vermont) are dead-on right, the flat oyster crackers are barely acceptable. Email me if you need details.

For dinner I settled on the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. I paid the $1 upcharge for the fries otherwise it’s a small bag of Cape Cod Potato Chips. Acceptable? Sure, but fries have dipping potential!

IMG_0325 Chicken Sandwich on toasted butter bun, lettuce & tomato

My chicken came with a nice topping of lettuce and tomato. The bun was butter toasted, which gave the bun a nice flavor. I would have liked a smidge of mayo or honey mustard. Neither were in the bucket or on the menu. Maybe they should develop a guahog sauce topping…

PBJ ordered a very big hot dog! Also with the $1 upcharge for fries.

IMG_0324 Big hot dog on butter toasted bun

The dog wasn’t dressed with anything special. The bun was also butter toasted. PBJ commented that due to the butter toasting treatment, the bun fell apart as he ate the dog. So if you decide to order the big dog, ask them to hold the butter toasting.

I waited to eat my fries until I had finished my sandwich. When I finally tucked in, I found the fries to have held up while just sitting on my plate. Using a mix of bucket condiments (ketchup and Tabasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce), the fries were still pretty warm, and fried just right. Not super greasy, not crispy crunchy. I recommend them.

IMG_0320 Relax, but what is in those big glass jars

The serving plates were small metal pizza pans with butcher paper. The interior of the Quahog is lightly splashed with dive and casual fun stuff. The dining room is long and narrow, with regular height tables towards the rear and stools with tall tables by the front windows.

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

  • Only chowder was quahog. I miss my clams :(
  • Clean, bright dining room
  • Yummy, sometimes basic, food
  • Quick, attentive, friendly service

Now let me GUSH about a little tidbit served with my sandwich:

A really awesome pickle wedge.

I loved the pickle so much, I actually made a point of telling Quahogaholic how much I loved the pickle. If you go, ask if you can get a few wedges as an appetizer. It’s not on the menu, but if you tell them that you heard how incredible they are, I’m sure Quahogaholic will accommodate the unusual request.

Or maybe you can ask for a few to go. The pickles are just that good.

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