Strolling down The Avenue

Monday night we FINALLY made it to the little eatery on Grand Ave, Falmouth MA.

Welcome to The Avenue.


I think it’s been a handful of other names and incarnations, but each time we tried to stop for a bite, the place has been closed.

Imagine our surprise to find cloth napkins!


According to PBJ, this is only our second encounter with such fanciness. Honestly, I loved the seafoam green color and even asked PBJ if we could paint the kitchen to match. He declined. The cloth table cloths were also a nice touch, along with the fresh cut flowers and the candle which one of the staff lit later.


We started with sodas while perusing the menu (OMG! I spelled perusing correctly the first time ever! I’m almost ready to graduate away from spellcheck… nah!).

There are seafood appetizers like stuffed quahogs. A few salads, like Ceaser. Meaty entrees were next. For a moment, the 8oz Angus burger had my attention. It came with onions, so I passed. Seafood platters were next, and at the bottom of the page were a couple of big entrees. The back page had pasta and pizza selections. A large Sicilian pizza is 20″, so bring your empty tummy.

Apparently there is a full liquor license and ice cream selection so don’t load up with your meal. Save room!

We ordered chowder and fish n’ chips. Pretty boring, but we figured it was safe.

First up was the chowder:


While the bowls look large (we ordered smalls), they were very shallow. The chowder was served hot and with the correct crackers. I found about three clams and two potato chunks. Mostly, I found broth. PBJ had about three potato chunks, and a scrap of clam. We came to the conclusion that the chowder was out of a can, or if homemade, someone forgot to stir the pot before filling our bowls.


Just before finishing our chowder, a few pieces of warm bread was served with dipping oil on a plate. This is sort of something I don’t get. I’ve tried it every time a restaurant serves it, but I don’t understand the oil, especially when it’s just plain oil. The bread/rolls were warm and probably not full of preservatives. Let’s just say they were bland.

Finally, the fish n’ chips arrived.


The chips were skinny fries. Some were so skinny, they over crisped in the fry-o-later. Portion was huge.

The fish had the strangest batter we have ever seen. It was not flaky. It was not easy to break with the side of a fork. PBJ used a knife to cut his fish into bite size pieces. The flavor I thought was off and I actually dipped into the tarter sauce in an attempt to fix.

On the plus side, the fish wasn’t super oily. And the portion pieces were thicker then most fish you are served as apart of fish n’ chips. PBJ said the cole slaw was on the wet side.

The other couple in the dining room ordered salads and pizza. They seemed to like the salad (it appeared to be fancy, as-seen-on-Food Network, salad), but the pizza they left all the crust. I kid you not. They scraped off all the cheese and toppings, and left a huge stack of crust. And they had ordered two pizzas! I’m not sure why they ate the pizza like that, there may have been some dietary restriction, but why order pizza if all you want is melted cheese and veges?

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 2 1/2 out of 4 stars.

  • Good menu selection and specials
  • Edible food, weird flavors
  • The clam chowder was missing… clams!
  • Sweet little spot, some outdoor seating

There is outdoor seating along Grand Ave, which wasn’t a busy road while we were there. Ice cream and the full menu is orderable outside.


A few “family with hooligans” sat outside and enjoyed desert. Some of the hooligans came in to use the restroom, which was located directly off the little inside dining area. A strange setup, but the building appeared to have multiple small additions and closed in sunrooms to make up the restaurant.

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