Eye, Eye, Captain

Saturday was beautiful weather. I even got a little time out in the sun.

In the evening, PBJ and myself decided to go out for supper.

Yeah! A food review!!!

The original plan was to visit the place we have been trying to find open by the Island Queen. Since we are big shoulder season eaters, we have always failed miserably to find the place open (it’s with the bike rental shop).

The back-up plan, which we had because of our horrible record finding the other place open, was to head to the Hole. Woods Hole. The end of the road is Woods Hole.

You get my point.

I was a tad concerned because the evening was getting a chill in the air and I didn’t want to end up outside on a cold deck. That would make me extra crabby.

First challenge: Find a parking space. After a full, complete loop, of the Hole, we circled back around and parked down by the MBL. There are parking meters all along the street, so we scoured the car, my bag-o-stuff, and PBJ’s pockets for quarters. After finding about six, we got out and found that the meters were only in use until 6pm.

Save those quarters for the flat penny machines!

We walked down to where the restaurants were and as we walked by each one, we read the menu and checked the prices on the outside bulletin boards. It’s not that we are picky eaters, because we are, but we are super cheap skates. You want me to pay $12 for an appetizer? I think I will eat somewhere else!

We checked out every place open, and ended up at the Captain Kidd. The most affordable pick of the bunch. I’m not saying it was our usual cheap, but it was workable if we were wise with our selections.

The hostess seated us in the Waterfront dinning room. It appeared to be a function room that doubled as overflow dinning in season. Since we were inside, and not on the deck, it also was warm. The large french doors gave great views of Eel Pond. The huge posts and beams demonstrated how old the building truly was. I’d say close to one of the original structures built in the Hole. As for the gaudy giant fish hanging from the ceiling, I think they can remove that, or not have a spotlight shinning on it.

Since we were inside the dinning room, we had normal chairs. The tavern had mini wooden casks as seats, and the bar had metal stools that did not look large enough for even one of my butt cheeks. Maybe that’s how they keep turnover going in season…

We started off ordering sodas. They were $1.50 each, were served in glass mugs, and did NOT come with free refills. The menu made that very clear, which I appreciated. I also liked that they didn’t price the soda at some astronomical price (ie: Cabby Shack).

With our drinks served, we moved ahead to ordering chowder (cup: $4.75), Fish n’ Chips for PBJ ($16.00), and the Captain Kidd burger for me ($9.00).

First up was the chowder.


This chowder was full of clams, potatoes, celery, and who knows what else. It tasted very good, wasn’t thin or watery, and definitely worth trying for yourself. I actually ended up with crackers at the bottom I was enjoying all the chunkiness. If a chowder is thin, I use up all the crackers before I reach the bottom.

We took the opportunity to order soda refills when our meals were brought out. While this was an additional cost, I was thirsty. However, it did take some time before the refills arrived, so PBJ had nearly polished off the ice in his mug.

PBJ’s Fish n’ Chips, I thought, appeared to be skimpy on the fish portion.


PBJ was happy with his meal, and appreciated his large fry portion.

My burger was 8oz large, I ordered it medium even though the menu said it was a char-burger.


Sometimes you get a pudgy burger that isn’t cooked in the middle, but perfectly burnt on the outside. I just wanted to make sure my meal did not moo at me.

I was surprised to see so many tomato slices considering how expensive tomatoes have been. PBJ assured me prices had come down. I stuck with just one out of the three slices to eat. I kept about half of the nice red onions, and the lettuce.

I did consider my fry portion on the small side. I’m not sure if the staff knew I was a small eater, or if they had given PBJ some of my fries to bulk up his plate. Either way, not cool.

My burger was an even thickness all around, slightly charred on the outside, and cooked all the way through. No mooing was found.

The pickle wedge left a lot to be desired. I suggest they either skip the pickle, or find some that are cold packed. The green dye sort of gave away the low quality, and the taste was equally suspect.

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

  • Slightly slow service, slightly slow portions
  • Relatively affordable for Woods Hole
  • Interesting architecture and scenic views
  • Flavor of chowder outstanding, food cooked as ordered

In the end I forced myself to nearly clean my plate.


No doggy bag for the Diez. What he doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.

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