Not Greek, but Italian Marc Anthony

Wednesday evening, PBJ and myself headed to Onset for a bite to eat before doing some cement shopping.

I suggested Marc Anthony’s in Onset for dinner because I have eaten there in the past, but never made an official blog entry about it.

Since the clocks have recently changed, we arrived after dark. Marc Anthony’s appeared to be the only place in the area with a life. The neon sign promised delivery until midnight.


Inside we sat at a well worn table by the door so we could peruse the menu. Above the counter there are actually directions tell us to do just that. The menu was big and basic. Pasta, seafood, subs, pockets, fried yummies, and pizza. They also serve alcohol if that is a factor for you.

After much hemming and hawing, I choose a small pepperoni pizza on Sicilian crust. They also have Neapolitan crust. PBJ choose a bowl (the smallest portion size) of clam chowder with garlic bread, homemade meat lasagna, and a soda.

After placing our order at the counter, we moved back into the restaurant where the seating was set up cafeteria style. I imagine the place gets very packed in the summer, with strangers in flip-flop beach wear sitting side by side.


While I looked at all the memorabilia on the walls, PBJ hit the video games tucked into the rear of the room. There is also a CD juke box on the wall, and a creepy clown in a box. The phones never seemed to stop ringing as take-out and delivery orders kept coming in.


PBJ’s choices were brought out first. Since both his chowder and lasagna came with garlic bread, he had a lot of carb action on his tray. I tasted a piece of the bread and found it to be not very garlicy, not very buttery, and probably just right for sopping up the soup and sauce from PBJ’s meal.


My pepperoni pizza came out with a decided Wow factor. The pizza had a thick, dense, crust. This was no Greek dough (lots of crispy air bubbles), it was a bread crust (soft, chewy, dense).

After just two pieces, and not even touching the crust, I was stuffed. PBJ tried a piece and found it to be overly filling. No need to order a large size, that’s for sure.


PBJ’s chowder was ‘good’, and he showed me the inside of his lasagna pointing out the cheeses and meats inside the layers of pasta. I asked because it didn’t look cooked to me. PBJ said it was good, and used his garlic bread to sop up the left over sauce.

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

  • Dinning area, tables and chairs, show excessive wear
  • Very satisfying pizza
  • Large, varied, menu selections
  • Year-round, late night schedule

Some funny things of note before you go (and I’m sure you will…): currently the menu offers “Freedom Fries” and there are no trash cans in the dining area (staff bus the tables). Marc Anthony’s doesn’t have a website or take-out menus. If you are going (and I’m sure you will…), put “190 Onset Ave, Onset MA” in your GPS. If it’s peak summer season parking may be tight due to the beach right next door.

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