Crabby about the Cabby Shack

There are a number of seafood shanty shacks in Plymouth that are still open for the fish tail end of the summer season.

We settled in at the Cabby Shack. We searched the menu to figure out if the Shack was a Coke or Pepsi shack.

It’s a Pepsi.

There was a note on the menu that Hot Coffee and Tea got free refills. I found it odd that this note was with the soda offerings. I picked out a large Pink Lemonade, and PBJ picked out a large Pepsi. A large soda costs $2.25. For that much, I could have brought my own 2 liter and cups.

Since we had been left to peruse the menu long enough, we also knew what we wanted to eat. We both ordered a cup of clam chowder and fish ‘n chips.

Our drinks were brought out in large blue plastic Pepsi labeled cups. I thought my Pink Lemonade contained an exorbanant amount of ice cubes considering I couldn’t get a free refill.

The chowder was brought out. The cup was pretty full. PBJ commented on how there wasn’t much room in the cup for the crackers.


The chowder started out okay. The more I stirred, the more weird things rolled up to the top. After tasting a few of these, and spitting one gross one out, I figured these pieces of red chewy things were definitely not clams.


More like lobster or crab. Neither of those belong in clam chowder. If I had wanted seafood chowder, that’s what I would have ordered. Since I ordered CLAM chowder, I only want to find CLAMS in my chowder in regards to the seafood portion of the chowder.

The fish ‘n chips were brought out. PBJ liked that the tarter sauce came in a big squeeze bottle. I was disappointed by my lemon wedge. Points for giving me one were canceled out by the pure sadness of the thinness and dryness of the wedge.


PBJ gave me his wedge.

I tasted the fish and found it to be rather bland. Heck, it didn’t even taste fishy. I ate one of the three pieces before picking at my fries.

The fries didn’t have any flavor. And they were the plain generic, get from any food warehouse kind of fries. No salt. No pepper. No seasoning.

(When I heated the fries up the next day for lunch, the oil just poured out of them.)

Since the Shack didn’t offer free refills on soda, the waitstaff never came back to check on us. Which is funny, because they could have come over and asked if we wanted a refill, which would have cost us another $2.25 each.

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 1 1/2 out of 4 stars.

  • Excessive price for soda without free refills
  • Edible food, no flavor
  • What is that in my clam chowder??
  • Nice location

There are several other shack type places on the Plymouth wharf. I recommend you check them out. Oh, and the parking (paid) is cool. They use those central boxes that spit out a ticket for your dash board. Not sure how that works with motorcycles…

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One Response to Crabby about the Cabby Shack

  1. Angela says:

    Ouch, ouch, ouch! I guess I won’t be going there ever! I too am a lemon person, I always asked for extra at Seafood Sam’s, because otherwise they forgot them entirely and that made me mad.