For Dinner, everyone is Italian

Hey fans, it’s time for another restaurant suggestion.

For dinner, we stopped at Pomodore’s in Wareham. If you are looking for Pomodore’s it is right near the Wareham Crossing plaza (Target, Lowes, Penny’s, etc).

I have to admit, I thought it was slightly too fancy for el-cheapo me. I mean, they had CLOTH napkins. Way more upscale then our normal pub grub haunts.


Our server, Sharon, was super nice. I had looked over the menu and was afraid I couldn’t find something simple enough for me to order. There were mostly expensive (over $13) entrees on the menu. I eventually found the Fried Fresh Haddock and figured that would be good.

My total order was: cup of clam chowder (a $1 up-charge for my entree in place of soup), fresh fried haddock with fries and butternut squash.

PBJ ordered a bowl of clam chowder, lasagna and meatballs.


The meal started with the chowder and a big loaf of warm chewy bread. I dug into the chowder and found it to be in my top three of all the clam chowders we’ve had. I dare say, it may just be number one. It had a nice sweet cream taste to balance out the salty clams. PBJ used some of the bread loaf to sop up the chowder left in the bottom of his bowl.


The oil served for the bread, according to PBJ, had no flavor. I’m a butter person myself and held the cold pat in my hand to soften it while I was slurping my chowder.


The table next to us was served their meal while we were nibbling our bread. The portions were very large, and I was starting to worry I may have partaken in the bread a little more then I should have.

When our meal arrived, PBJ made a bold prediction that there was a chance he could finish his meal. This was after the bread and chowder.


I knew there was no way I was going to finish my meal. I could have had the chowder, bread, desert, and been completely happy.

The squash tasted very good. I still added a pat of butter, but I could have skipped it if I was one to watch calories. My three pieces of fish were happy to get drenched in lemon from the wedge served with my meal. The fries were the coated kind: crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.


PBJ’s lasagna was 8″ wide square. With all the sauce, and his meatball upgrade, I suspected he’d never be able to finish. PBJ did break off a little piece of meatball and enticed me to sample. For a meatball, it was excellently Italian. Considering I didn’t even order the meatballs, I highly recommend them.

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

  • Dining room interior was looking a little worn
  • Amazing clam chowder
  • Huge portions, easy to understand substitutions, low bill
  • DSCF3898
  • Lemon wedges, bread, and super nice server

In regards to the low bill, keep in mind that we don’t drink alcoholic beverages. There appeared to be a good selection of wines by the glass and bottle. Since I don’t drink, and especially not wine, I’m just guessing.


Pomodore’s had steady business when we visited. I suspect that they never get a chance to close up and really spruce up the interior. If you can look past the worn vinyl seats and the shabby paint, it is a cozy place to eat huge portions of food.

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