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I was doing a little updating of my photo collection (the one on my computer, not the net) and in the process I discovered I’ve never done an actual review of Seafood Sam’s! I’m not sure how that is possible considering all the times I’ve blogged about it. Back in June of ’06 I stopped at Sam’s in Yarmouth after a ride on the rail trail. In September of ’07 I mentioned the smell of fried food when we bicycled by the Falmouth location. And just last month I mentioned helping PBJ use his Seafood Sam’s gift certificates.

So in the tradition of my totally unsolicited restaurant reviews, I present you with this “all-in-one” review of Seafood Sam’s (SS for short).

SS is a fried seafood place. They used to close in the winter, but apparently most of the locations stay open year round now. We visit enough that I’ve sort of developed a ‘usual’ order. I like to get a cup of clam chowder and the fish n’ chips. I find that the more I try other restaurants clam chowder, the more picky I have become. At this point I can safely say, unless you are very hunger, you can skip SS chowder. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s just not the best I’ve had. Just think of it as saving you money and space in your tummy.

The fish ‘n chips plate is yummy with the greasy fish piled on top of the fries. Sometimes you can get a bum order of fries (ie: not cooked enough) and then the greasy fish actually make the fries horrible. But that doesn’t happen often, so I recommend you try the fish n’ chips.


PBJ is more adventurous in his seafood choices. Sometimes he’ll get a seafood platter, which has shrimp and some other seafood-ish items. He also likes tarter sauce and coleslaw, so our pallets are vastly different (I hate both).


Last month while in the Falmouth location, we were watching the pictures of other menu options on the big flat screen tv. It inspired us to try something different on our next trip.

So yesterday we rode our motorbikes to the Sandwich location to order sandwiches. Yes, sandwiches.

I ordered a turkey sandwich with bacon, hold the cheese. It came with tomato, lettuce and mayo. So by holding the cheese, I practically had a turkey club. PBJ ordered the roast beef. He wanted to try it for comparing taste and quality of the meat.

We skipped the chowder.

The Sandwich location has changed a few of the tables. They used to have fixed booths down the center of the small dining room (near the bar & bathrooms). Now they have three tables that seat four people each. We took the one by the door to the outside deck because no one else was interested in it (that means it was more clean then the rest).

It was a nice day for bikers, so a few Harleys were out in the lot by the deck. And anyone that parked on that side of the building came in through the door we were sitting by. A cool breeze chilled me each time that door opened. It was nice outside, but not that nice.

When our lobster finally vibrated and lighted up, PBJ went over to grab our food. My turkey sandwich was very thick with turkey. So much turkey was on my sandwich, the bread couldn’t contain it all. The bread was untoasted, so it got a little mushy as I ate. The garlic pickle wedge was very tasty, and the fries were crispy.


PBJ was very impressed with the roast beef sandwich. The roast beef is by ‘Old Neighborhood’ and looked perfectly cooked and sliced. And again the sandwich was packed with more meat then the bread could handle.


If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

  • Just ‘ok’ chowder, needs more something…
  • Never a bad customer service experience
  • Generous portions, especially on the sandwiches
  • We got lemon wedges in Falmouth last month without asking!

SS knows that deserts aren’t their specialty, so they have commercially made cheese cakes and whoopie pies available in little to-go containers.

As the tourists flock back to our little sandbar, SS is sure to be busier then ever. I recommend mid-week visits at off-peak times. And don’t be afraid to order a sandwich!

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3 Responses to Seafood Sam’s

  1. Jesse Bryden says:

    We usually order to-go food from there. It is a special treat for us and we are never disappointed. I love their fries! I have also had their fish and chips, fried clam strips, and kids meal chicken tenders. All super yum…and I like the tartar sauce too, Jamie!

  2. Angela says:

    Also, if you go when they’re not too busy and stand and wait for your food (no heat lamps, please), their broiled salmon is quite good, especially with extra lemon. Thinking about SS has me drooling, it’s been a long time…

  3. Jonathan Williams says:

    Best fried seafood I’ve had anywhere. I live in Maryland and nothing comes close. Any time we’re headed north, we make a trip out to the Cape. I love the seafood platter with the whole clams. I’ve never had any issues with the fries. The food is always cooked fresh to order. The light, tasty batter coating is the best.