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Way, way, out on Mashnee Island is a little grill joint. PBJ ventured out to the island with me today to taste the goods.

The Mashnee Island Grill is truly Cape Cod. Perfect exterior paint job? Nah! Cloth napkins? Heck no! The two story building is rustic, weather beaten, and perfect for a casual meal. Climb the stairs and request a table outside on the deck. Large umbrellas will shade you from the sun, and nearby trees will slow the ocean breezes.

Sitting out on the deck, we ordered our sodas. The lunch menu isn’t super big, or super expensive, but does include many number of dishes I would actually order.


Bowl (left) and cup size of chowders

Sodas were served in clear plastic cups (think frat party) and we placed our orders. First thing to arrive was our Smoked Bacon Clam Chowder. Let me just say OMG!! I never thought about putting bacon into clam chowder, but who ever did, I hope they patented it. This chowder was tied with Barnacle Bill’s as the best I’ve ever tasted.

After we finished our chowder, a family with a small child was seated behind us. Ugh! Fortunately, PBJ knocked on wood that there would be no issues. There weren’t.


Fish ‘n Chips (left) and Angus Burger

PBJ’s fish ‘n chips were served with a coating made out of cornflakes and almonds. If the almonds had been optional, I would have considered it. He did comment that the coating was very crispy, just like the menu stated. And apparently there was something spicy in the coleslaw that he really liked. The fries also earned a thumbs up, though he didn’t give me any specifics as to why he polished them off first.

My burger was correctly cooked, no mooing on the inside. The roll was toasted just a shade too much, but the crispy crust did keep from the roll from getting overly soggy. The burger was served with tomatoes, lettuce, pickle and a side of Cape Cod Potato Chips. I haven’t had those in a while, so it was a treat. And the best part? It was practically priced!

We had a second soda, and watched the views:


If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

  • So out of the way!
  • Tasty menu selections
  • Awesome views from the deck
  • Phenomenal value

Driving back over the “dike”, we were treated to a unique view of the training ship Enterprise at the MMA, with a backdrop of the wind turbine.


The Grill is only open from April to October. Take your time to enjoy the local flavor while the warm weather is still here. And if you try the jerk chicken, let me know how it tastes. That was my second choice for lunch.

UPDATE: As of November 1, 2009 the Quahog Republic aka Mashnee Island Grill, has closed due to the lease running out. The person that managed the grill is looking for a new location.

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