Everyone has a chance to start again

It took 45 minutes for PBJ and myself to figure out where to go for lunch. We actually broke out the new phone book for advice or guidance. It wasn’t helpful, but PBJ suddenly remembered he had seen “My Tin Man” had reopened.

There is a little history to the place, but I’ll leave this CCTimes article to catch you up.

We arrived close to closing time (2pm) on a Monday, a day they aren’t usually open according to the sign. They welcomed us in and we picked out some stools at the lunch counter. It was warm inside, but the windows were open and the fans were blowing.

I knew it was late but I was so excited to see “Breakfast Served all Day” on the menu. I started dreaming of pancakes. Alli, our waitress (counter person?) guided me away from the hot food and convinced me a sandwich would be better.

I set my heart on the turkey club while PBJ hankered for a roast beef club. We picked the two meats they were out of. Alli came to the rescue and suggested a nice chicken salad club for me and a ham club for PBJ. She actually gushed about the chicken salad, “just a hint of cayenne pepper”.


PBJ’s ham club

PBJ’s sandwich arrived first. While we tried to be cute like spies, I was caught snapping a picture of the sandwich. Alli thought it was funny, thank goodness. I think it may be the first time we’ve been caught in the act of brazenly taking food pictures!

It took a few more minutes, then my sandwich arrived.

This picture probably wasn’t the best angle. While the bread looks overly toasted, it tasted just fine. And that hint of cayenne that Alli had gushed about? My taste buds weren’t fazed by it in the least (ie: I didn’t taste it). I did like the chicken salad though. It was nice and chunky, not all mashed and mayo’ed like cheap stuff.


Chicken salad club

Again everyone laughed when I snapped the food picture.

Alli and Barbara were both very friendly even though they were staying late because we had come in so last second. Barbara even came out with a huge shrimp for PBJ to try. She explained that she had made a special plate of four shrimp (they were HUGE JUMBO shrimp), sliced melon, all on a bed of lettuce for the guys that had just left.

Were else would someone ask you to taste a shrimp when they just want you to leave because it’s past closing time?

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 3 out of 4 stars. *

  • A little too hot inside
  • Small menu – but growing!
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Super value
  • * Spicy Fries – Bonus star!

My Tin Man is still breaking in the new diner. It’s like they are on a giant shake down cruise lasting the summer tourist season. They mentioned that the menu would grow, and suggested a good weekday breakfast stop would really show off their strengths.

We promised to be back for pancakes.


We also visited Perry’s Last Stand and had ice cream. PBJ had a monster frappe. Both were very good. Highly recommend a stop if you are in Wareham.

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3 Responses to Everyone has a chance to start again

  1. Drew says:

    Before we settled in Falmouth, Jesse and I were attending church in Sandwich with the guy (Dean) who helped them rebuild. Very nice story! We’ll have to check them out sometime.

  2. laurie says:

    Now I’m craving a club with fries…;-)

  3. Fox25 did a live broadcast today from the diner. We posted about it on our site: http://dinerhistory.blogspot.com/2009/01/in-news-tin-man-diner.html