Barbie’s southern distant relation

Isn’t great that after a good bicycle ride I have no inhibition about going to a nice sit-down restaurant stinking of sweat?

The bar side crowd at Barbyann’s in Hyannis was Monday night’s victim. We had gone 17 miles from Dennis to Chatham (and back) on the bicycles. To say we smelled ripe would be nice. (Sorry fellow eaters… we did try to sit far apart from you…)

PBJ and myself had racked our brains trying to remember the last time we had eaten at Barbyann’s. Since it was a foggy memory (and most likely pre-blog), it was deemed eligible as a place we hadn’t eaten at before. The goal is to go to new places whenever possible.

Uncomfortable chair

I took this picture to help explain the semi-uncomfortable chairs. If someone is wide of posterior, the side spindles for the chair back will pinch your tush. I can’t down grade for the chairs, because really, we aren’t suppose to be wide of posterior. These chairs are just to remind us: If you can’t fit, skip dessert!

We sat in the bar side so we could watch the news. PBJ ordered a crock of chowder and I ordered a cup. For dinner PBJ ordered “Bubba’s Western Burger” while I ordered a “BBQ Chicken Witch”. The overall impression of the menu was that it was on the high side for our cheap tastes. Hopefully sticking to the inexpensive items (versus the $19.95 Fisherman’s Platter) would keep the dinner bill low.

The waitress had said our chowder would be right out and she was right.

Awesome Clam chowder

The chowder had a nice flavor to it, not heavily seasoned. And the clams! Amazingly chunky. If it hasn’t been entered into one of the “Best of” competitions Barb should seriously consider it! Two thumbs up! The New England Oyster crackers by Nabisco were actually very good too (I had never seen them before).

The soda glasses were on the small side, and we were pretty thirsty, so the waitress had to keep bringing us refills. She did a very good job keeping up with our thirst.

Just as soon as the chowder was polished off, the dinners were brought out.

BBQ Chichen Witch

My chicken was moist all the way through. It didn’t have a tough charbroil outside, so biting into it was easy. The BBQ was a nice smoky flavor, and not overly excessive in terms of quantity. The ‘spicy’ fries really weren’t spicy, just breaded crispy. The Heinz ketchup bottle was an unopened glass bottle.

BBQ Bacon Burger

PBJ’s burger looked interesting. The melted cheese oozed out of the bun and he thought the bacon was just a little too crispy. When I asked if it was too tough to eat, he said no.

When we were done (I filled up before finishing the fries), the waitress brought our bill. Under $35 before tip, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 4 out of 4 stars.

  • Some of the best chowder we’ve sampled
  • Super speedy service
  • Burgers and Sandwiches reasonably priced
  • Good amount of food for the money

We actually were in and out in less then an hour, service was just that good. Granted it was a Monday night, but we hit the place at 6:30pm, prime dinner time.

(Have I given any place a 4 star rating before?)

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  1. PBJ says:

    Hong Kong Island in Falmouth has a 4 for 4