Kettle of Fishiness

Wednesday evening, PBJ and I took a late evening ride on the raid trail. Afterwards, we went looking for dinner.

On Route 28 in Yarmouth PBJ sighted the Hearth ‘n Kettle restaurant. I don’t think I’ve been there in a million years, and then it was at breakfast. They advertise on the radio, and the tourists seem to like it, so how bad could it be?


I ordered the fish ‘n chips for $12.99. I didn’t even consider the clam chowder because it cost over $4 for the ‘kettle’. The chowder in a bread bowl was over $6.

PBJ ordered the Fisherman’s Platter for $17.99.


While we waited the waitress brought us two warm rolls. They weren’t particularly special. There was a bowl with single serve butters containers. PBJ unknowingly picked the Country Crock and I picked out a regular butter. Even though the rolls were warm, the butter was cold. The Country Crock is a whipped spread, so PBJ had no problem spreading it. I had to wait for my butter to warm up before spreading it in my roll.

We finished our rolls, and our sodas, before the dinners arrived. We nicely stacked the used dishes and basket at the end of the table for the waitress to pick up.

Fish 'n chips

Our dinners arrived and to say I was impressed would be a flat out lie. My dinner would be best described as a plate of fries with a side of fish. The portion size was the same as Jerry’s Seafood, but Jerry’s was $4 cheaper. The breading was on the verge of being excessively salty, and too much oil had soaked into the fish. The fries ended up being limp with excessive oil run off from the fish, seeing as the fish was served on top of the fries. This may be cute in a ‘basket’, or from a ‘fish shack’, but when something as simple as french fries are destroyed due to simple plate setup, I have to wonder.

Brownie points for the lemon wedge didn’t make up for the fries.

While we ate, the empty bread basket and soda glasses remained at the end of the table. It’s not like the waitress had to reach over us to get them. They were rightThere.

Fisherman's Platter

PBJ’s Fisherman’s platter was a lot of clam ‘strips’. (What the heck are those?) He left most of them on the plate. A single piece of ‘fish’, some soggy fries and onion rings. The ‘fish cake’ looked gross to me; PBJ said it was nothing special. The fries never stood a chance at being anything other then soggy due to having all the other fried food stacked on top.

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 1 1/2 out of 4 stars.

  • Table didn’t get cleared of empty dishes
  • Portion to price ratio way off
  • Presentation caused fries to be soggy
  • One of the few places open at 8pm mid-week, shoulder season

Maybe H’nK has a big tourist following, but that could just be the hype.

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2 Responses to Kettle of Fishiness

  1. Nate says:

    Do they still make all the waitresses dress up in colonial costumes?

    Didn’t there used to be and H&K in Hyannis where the British Beer Company is now?

  2. Rebe says:

    No funny costumes. Just generic waitress vest, white shirt, black pant combo.

    The HnK in Hyannis is located with the Cape Codder hotel. They are owned by the same company that owns Daniel Webster in Sandwich.

    Now I remember the last time I went to HnK! A friend took me to breakfast at the Hyannis one back in September 2002!