Late Evening Munchies

Are you hungry? Are you in Buzzards Bay after 7pm?

We headed out for dinner late Friday night. We were tasked with a Depot shopping errand, so a choice of food in Buzzards Bay was in order.

I picked Buzzards Bay House of Pizza (no website). Arriving around 8pm (PBJ had been napping) we were greeted with a HUGE menu. The place isn’t super sized, but the menu is extensive.

On the traditional menu you will find: Pizzas, Gourmet Pizzas, Subs, Club Sandwiches, Dinner Platters, Appetizers, Kids Meals

On the Mediterranean menu you will find: Greek Appetizers, Greek Salads, Baked Greek Dinners, Grilled Greek Dinners, Pasta, Pasta Specials, Salads, Greed Desserts

And in the greater Buzzards Bay area, they are the only game in town after 8pm, have beer & wine, and they deliver!


We started with a dinner platter of boneless buffalo fingers ($8.50). The chicken was evenly thin so they were cooked nicely. The fries weren’t special, or bad. (Fries note: tasted good cold the next day)


PBJ ordered the small meat lovers (gourmet, $9.75). He thought there was a lot of seasoned hamburger on it, proportionally compared to the other meats.


I ordered the small Hawaiian (gourmet, $7.75). I found the crust to be slightly over cooked and dried out. Oddly enough, it wasn’t Greek style crust. With the extra time in the oven, I was disappointed that the toppings were hardly cooked at all. It needed a couple minutes under a broiler. Just a couple though.

I thought the pizza could have used some oil in the crust to moisten it up, or pulled out of the oven a second earlier.

The entire time we were there, the crowd was steady. The dinning area wasn’t huge, but had tables, booths, and had window facing counter seats. To entertain, there were two flat panel tv’s tuned to a sports channel. The volume wasn’t intrusively loud, so basic conversations were easy to maintain.

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

  • Slightly over cooked, bland tasting pizza crust
  • HUGE menu, TONS of options
  • Comfy, casual, friendly atmosphere
  • Good values, most expensive pizza $17.50 for an XL special

I look forward to visiting again and trying some other items on the menu. Maybe the Chicken Soulaki Plate …

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One Response to Late Evening Munchies

  1. Nate says:

    Now I am craving buffalo fingers… Any good local options besides 99 or Bobby’s?