We don’t know Joe

Today I went out in the world without a hat, bandanna, or head covering of any type. As we headed out the door I asked PBJ if he was going to be embarressed to be seen with me. “You see me walking away don’t you?”.

That probably wasn’t a good sign.

I had tried to make my fuzzy cranium look presentable, adding a bit of gel to it. It just stayed fuzzy.

We stopped at Linen’s N Things for PBJ to pick up a second laundry basket, then headed to the sparsely populated mall. I picked up the new Foo Fighters CD so that PBJ wouldn’t be subjected to Britney anymore (he actually offered to break her cd into little pieces).

For lunch we went to “Not Your Average Joe’s“. Why did we pay no heed to the name? One of the first things PBJ said to me was “Yeah, I feel out of place”. The crowd was definitely more upscale then me in my dog fur covered fleece pull over, or PBJ in his bleach stained t-shirt. The woman at the table behind us actually was wearing a fur coat.

We would be the sore thumbs.

PBJ had never been there, so the waitress did the obligatory spiel about the oil that the bread is dipped in. I found the bread to be cold. Not room temp, but cold. And the first piece I picked up actually felt stale.


We skipped appetizers, and couldn’t find a desert menu, so it was off to the entrée’s. PBJ ordered the steak tips which came with green beans and mashed potatoes. I ordered the margherita pizza. When I was in Europe years ago it was usually the only pizza on the menu I could safely order in any language.

After the waitress took our orders we didn’t see her again until the food was served. No checking to see if the soda needed refills, no clearing away the oil & bread plates. When the meal was served, she offered refills.


PBJ really liked the potatoes. They were made so that there were bits of the peel mixed in. And he ate all the green beans, impressing me. Just as he was getting to his tips (he had put off eating them), the waitress checked on us and PBJ was able to ask for A1 sauce.

The waitress said she too would only eat steak with A1 sauce and quickly left to get a jar. “Don’t say ‘why didn’t she bring it to begin with’, because I know you are thinking it”, PBJ whispered across the table. He was right too. Why didn’t the waitress bring it out right from the start, or at least check back after a few minutes to see if we needed anything? It was like being served fries without ketchup.


My pizza was very good. For those of you that don’t know margherita pizza, it’s a thin crust, sort of like a pita. The menu describes the toppings as: “marinated tomatoes, garlic, basil, mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and freshly grated romano”. PBJ described it as heavy on the parmesan. It also came out with little green streamers on it. The green streamers didn’t have a strong taste, but did offer a bizarre appearance to the pizza.

The entire time that we enjoyed our food, the waitress never cleared the empty oil & bread plates. Or the funny wire contraption that held the bread pieces. These were finally cleared away when PBJ’s plate was cleared away.

PBJ had one last refill while we waited for the bill. When the waitress cleared away my plate she commented that we could sit and read our magazines on the table. It’s not the purpose of our visit, to sit and read, but we sort of felt that the service was so unsolicitous we needed something to fill the time.

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 2 1/2 out of 4 stars.

  • Mirrors everywhere atmosphere, like we were being watched
  • Yummy food and cloth napkins
  • Near non-existent service by waitstaff
  • Shop the menu for good values

At first glance of the menu I considered picking up a nice ceaser salad ($8.95). When adding the price of the chicken ($3.00), the salad would have been $12!! How crazy! PBJ’s steak tips were only $10.50, so I’m not sure how they can justify a $12 salad. As for the survey, I have filled it out and will be dropping it in the mail tomorrow.

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One Response to We don’t know Joe

  1. Jenn says:

    Were the green streamers basil? Thats part of the real Margharita pizza.