A few too many sad clams

On the way home Thursday, we stopped for an early dinner in Wareham. I picked Lindsey’s Family Restaurant. For a change of pace I was with my mom & dad, and we sat at a table instead of the bar.

I want to give kudos to Lindsey’s for having hand sanitizer at the door for customer’s to use. More places should offer this since most of us don’t visit the powder room prior to sitting and eating. And the amount dispensed was very generous allowing me to sanitize both sides of my hands.

For appetizers I ordered a cup of clam chowder, dad had a plate of onion rings, and mom had a salad as a part of the sunset special (think early bird combo).
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The clam chowder was packed with clams, so much so, I thought it was too clammy. There were a few chunks of potato, but I found the chowder to be thin. While I wasn’t a fan, dad thought it was great as he finished up the clams from the bottom of the cup. Mom thought it was salty.

We all enjoyed a small loaf of warm bread. It was served with plenty of soft pats of butter and tasted very yummy. I didn’t get to enjoy eating it warm as it was served the same time as my chowder. As an appetizer, it can stand alone.

Fish ‘n Chips

For the main course I ordered the fish ‘n chips, dad ordered the seafood platter, and mom had steak tips over rice pilaf. My fish was two large pieces, most likely an entire fish. I thought the fries were a bit over fried, though dad thought they were seasoned fries. Mom thought they were the best fries she had ever had at a restaurant.

Once again I had to ask for lemons. I’m not sure what is up with fish ‘n chips not being served with lemons. If lemons are by request only, put it in the menu. Please, please, please, someone get the memo out there.

Seafood Platter

Dad was very impressed by the size of his seafood platter. One thing of note was that even though the menu listed fries with the platter, it also had onion rings. If he had known that, he wouldn’t have ordered the appetizer plate. I think the waitress should have mentioned it when he placed the order, but the fault can again be placed with an incomplete menu listing.

Steak Tips on Rice Pilaf

Mom liked her meal too, though she’s starting to spoil my eating out experience. I like to go out and enjoy the meal. If I write a non-review review, so be it. She just likes to comment about EVERYTHING and has asked me several times when I’m going to post this review. Even at the restaurant she was making hand gestures for me to take pictures of her meal.

Like I said, taking the fun out of it.

Apple Crisp

Mom’s sunset special also came with a desert, so I ordered the apple crisp with ice cream. I don’t know about you, but when I think apple crisp I think oatmeal and brown sugar. Oh, and apples. What I was served was walnuts, some bland mushy stuff, a few pieces of apples, and that famous yellow vanilla ice cream. You know, the stuff that is served in institutional kitchens from large cardboard buckets. I thought the crisp was lacking in sugar, something the ice cream could not even think to make up for. As for the bland walnut mush, I couldn’t stand it. I picked out the apples, ate the ice cream, and called it done.

Bread Pudding

Why didn’t dad have desert? He was full from eating his huge platter and picking at what mom and myself didn’t finish. There was plenty of cole slaw and mom’s steak tips to take home. Don’t ask.

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

  • The service was quick and friendly
  • all customer areas were very clean
  • some of the flavors/ingredients were not to my liking
  • value was first rate

An interesting note about Lindsey’s is that they sell cute little t-shirts with a clam on them. They have an equally cute slogan, but I can’t remember it. There is also a 50′s diner that offers a view of the kitchen and has take-out. I’m not sure if it has different menu options, but when I peeked in, it looked like a fun area to sit, eat and laugh with good friends.

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