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Wednesday was PBJ’s birthday (almost 30, but not quite). Like most people in the family, it meant no pomp or circumstance. We are a low keep bunch of people.

As a treat, I took him out to breakfast at the Picnic Box at the Mashpee Rotary. Neither of us had been there.

It’s a cozy local spot that serves breakfast and lunch. And by local spot, I think the regulars are what keeps the place feeling like you’re with friends.

We were seated at a small table by the door. All during the visit we were treated to bursts of cold air as customers came in and out. PBJ commented about his feet being chilled by the end of the meal.

Picnic Box breakfast
Breakfast at Picnic Box

The morning menu was posted on a white write on board. I picked the special: pancakes, eggs, choice of meat, hash browns & toast ($7.95). PBJ had the blueberry pancakes ($6.50) and added on eggs, hash browns & toast ($4.95). I slurped on a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream while PBJ had a hood OJ from the cooler. He didn’t recommend the OJ.

My pancakes were just like I cooked at home, except bigger. The difference in size just means that the cooks at the Picnic Box don’t use the Pancakes Express like I do. They served the pancakes with plenty of pats of butter, though one or two would have been plenty.

My eggs were sort of bland, possibly from a carton. If eaten alone, they weren’t that good, but eat them mixed with the hash browns or sausage, they were just fine. Maybe PBJ’s idea to shake some salt over eggs was a good idea.

The sausages were very well cooked, and large in diameter. Not as thick as a Italian sausage, but bigger then traditional breakfast sausage links. I actually liked the sausage a lot and am curious where I can get some for myself to cook at home.

The toast was toast. Served pre-buttered and I added some strawberry jam. I was very impressed to find a good amount of strawberry jam on the table. So often when eating out for breakfast, the jam selection is all apple, mixed berry or grape. None of which I like. It’s all about the strawberry, and the Picnic Box didn’t fail to please.

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 4 out of 4 stars.

  • The service was prompt and attentive
  • the atmosphere was cozy
  • food was filling (the table was packed with all the items ordered)
  • value was excellent

Sometime in the future I’d like to visit during lunch. I think I saw crab cakes on the lunch board, but a good turkey club would probably be a better choice for me.

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