Not the King of Kongs

For lunch on Tuesday, mom treated me to lunch at Hong Kong Island in Wareham. I haven’t been there before.

We walked in the door and waited to be seated. I used a take out menu to decide what I wanted to eat. We waited a little more. Mom eventually had to go find someone to seat us. They did have some nice fish to look at while we waited.

We sipped on tea while waiting for our hot & sour soup. I found my soup cup to smell funny and have something on the rim, like either the china was pitted or the cup was dirty. The soup came out quickly, but I wasn’t impressed. It looked to be liberally sprinkled with black pepper. After stirring the soup, I realized it was absolutely FULL of so much black pepper I could hardly eat it. Continued stirring in an attempt to find a small portion of the soup that wasn’t over run with pepper and I discovered something that mom thought was a mushroom. I thought it was a solid piece of lint or dog food. It was kind of gross, gray, and rubbery solid. I also didn’t think there were many sprouts in my soup. I don’t usually eat the tofu in my hot & sour soup, but the sprouts are always good. The pork also looked a little off, like clumps of bacon bits.

Needless to say, I hardly touched my soup.

Mom asked the waitress if the cook normally put that much pepper in the soup. “Oh no, that’s how it comes. They don’t add the pepper.” I told mom we need to find the mass manufacturer of the soup and take away their pepper mill.

The meal did eventually arrive. I had ordered a #9: Sweet & Sour Chicken, pork fried rice & chicken wings. It’s a pretty standard luncheon menu combination. Mom ordered something that had those crunchy noodles, an egg roll and green vegetables.

I first sampled the chicken wings. They are usually a good indicator of how well the meal is cooked. The wings were good, tasting freshly cooked though not searing hot. I then tried the pork fried rice. While it could have tolerated a tad more soy sauce (I’m not even sure it was fried), the rice was good.

The last item on my plate, the sweet & sour chicken, left much to be desired. I know that it wasn’t terribly busy at the restaurant, but I had the suspicion the chicken fingers that went into the sweet & sour chicken, had been sitting around for a while. When I tried to cut the chicken pieces with a knife and fork, I found the batter coating to be very tough and difficult to cut. After struggling past the batter, I found the chicken inside to be dry and over cooked.

I’ve had plenty of chicken fingers, and sweet & sour chicken, in my eating career. Usually the batter is soft on the inside and golden brown on the outside. Usually inside there is barely cooked batter enveloping the chicken. And sometimes I have found the chicken to be slightly undercooked, though this is rare.

The chicken at lunch today had none of these qualities. In fact, the chicken finger pieces had been so over cooked (or had spent way too much time in a warming tray) that all the batter on the inside had been cooked to oblivion.

As for service, it required us hunting down the waitstaff to get anything, including the check. We had to ask for water (isn’t that standard at Chinese restaurants?), prompt the waitress for the check, and were never checked on after receiving our meals. Mom even had to get her own soup spoon off of another table. We did take all the uneaten food to go, but I suspect the dogs will end up enjoying it.

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 1 1/2 out of 4 stars.

  • The service was seriously lacking to the point of non-existence
  • Mom thought the background music was loud and overbearing. I thought it was karaoke warm-up tunes
  • some food was ok, the rest was bad, and some items inedible
  • value would have been good if the food had been

In all the time I’ve been blogging, and sharing my food experiences, it’s rare that I’ve ever said I’m never going back, but here it is. I will not go back. Maybe it was my poor timing (slow lunch crowd), where we were seated (not in the bar rat position), or the menu choices I made, but I would rather eat at Hong Kong in Falmouth, arguably, the King of Kongs.

Mom found her egg roll to be over powered by garlic (she didn’t eat more then a bite or two), the crunchy noodle things to be stale, and the pepper vege item to be not so yummy. I’m wondering who she’s going to trick into eating the left overs.

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