Not a wimpy burger joint

First things first, because that’s where most things should start. PBJ has nothing but happy mad kudos for “Sew What” on Main St Hyannis. He brought in his kangaroo hide motorcycle glove and they were able to stitch it up almost better then new. He was so impressed, he brought in his $300 winter riding jacket (the one he was wearing when he slid in the sand and crashed a few February’s ago, and decided to stop riding on sandy roads) to get a rip patched up. The woman we talked to today (Friday) was actually interested in what kind of bikes we were on. Nice people, small shop, great service.

We did some shopping around town and then were stumped as to where to eat. We seriously stood in the parking lot running down the imaginary streets in our mind trying to find a place we hadn’t eaten at before. While PBJ came up with Hooter’s, I swear up and down that we have eaten there before. Apparently if we did, it’s not in this blog (how odd!).

I suggested Wimpy’s in Oville. I’ve never been there. PBJ’s never been there. And if they weren’t open for lunch, we’d be half way home anyhow.

We rode along by Craigville to get to Oville. I like this route due to the fact the average speed on 28 going into the city had been 35mph. That annoys me.

We arrived at Wimpy’s and parked around back. We followed the signs in the door and then headed to the Tavern area. A hostess tried to seat us, but we’re bar rats, so she let us seat ourselves.

I picked out a Sprite and PBJ had a coke (actually, Sierra Mist and Pepsi). Since we were new to the menu, we took our time trying to figure out what to eat.

There wasn’t too much on the luncheon specials menu that grabbed me. I did consider the Apple Pie al a mode, because sometimes life calls for pie, but there were some better choices.

What did tempt me? Grilled Chicken sandwich, fish ‘n chips, the lone burger offering, and steak tips. I settled on the steak tips ($13.99), cooked medium, with squash and fries. There were about four or five different veggie offerings, including beets, but I thought the squash would be safe. Who eats beets anyway? What was actually missing from the menu was clam chowder. Huh? Wimpy must prefer quahogs, because that was the chowder flavor. How unusual!

PBJ decided on the Fisherman’s Platter ($14.99?). While we waited, the soap opera on the big screen gave way to NECN, allowing me to catch up on everything not happening in the world. The bar seemed to be a pretty happening place, and the last empty seat next to me was taken shortly after we placed our order.

Food arrived in what seemed like a right amount of time (not too quick, not too slow) and we were both very surprised by the size of the plates. Sure, you can sit there and give me a hard time about “hey, look at what you are paying, they better bring you a big plate and have it covered with food”, but seeing as we had never been there, we were gambling with the cost value ratio of our lunch.

PBJ tore into his platter and said it was good. He seems to say that about most things he eats, so you’ll all have to take his opinion with a few shakes of sugar.

The fries I thought were excellent. They had a little bread coating that gave them a nice flavor, though it did get all over my fingers, and subsequently, my soda glass. The squash was yummy, but I would have liked a pat or two of butter. To be fair, I didn’t ask for butter, but I think it would have made the squash perfect. The tips appeared cooked, unfortunately not all of them were medium.

My tips were of various size and thicknesses. The smaller pieces were medium most of the way through. The largest piece(s) was only medium on the outside, and completely bloody moo on the inside. I ended up not eating that piece due to it just being way too moo to be safe. Actually, to be bloody honest, it was totally moo on the inside, all it needed was a tail.

And I want to comment on the whole ‘ketchup cup’ thing. I don’t know if this is because it’s an upscale joint, and we aren’t use to that kind of atmosphere, but the ketchup cup was weird. Why couldn’t I be offered a nice bottle of Heinz? There was A1 sauce, and Tabasco, but the ketchup came in a cup on the plate. And it wasn’t enough for my ketchup loving fries. Again, to be fair I didn’t ask for more ketchup, but my taste buds were traumatized by the cup!

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars. The service was excellent and efficient , selection was extensive (I had to choose among a few possibilities) , food was cooked correctly except for my thick un-medium tips , and the value was better then expected .

Now if any Wimpy’s people should happen upon this (and I suspect someone will point this out to them), someone in management may want to remind waitstaff at the bar not to discuss how much business was rung up during a previous shift. While we were finishing up our lunch, a female waitstaff member was talking to a male waitstaff counterpart about how she had rung up the most sales (approx $900) on a previously worked shift. And she didn’t mention it just once in passing, she said it several times while discussing the upcoming schedule. I thought it was kind of bizarre to hear staff talk so openly about sales figures in front of customers.

And to the guy that sat next to me and thought I was strange to take pictures of my food, sorry to creep you out. Just be grateful I didn’t ask to take pictures of your food or ask how you liked your chowder. That would have sent you out the door for sure!

Notes on this entry: From the time I started this entry, uploaded the pictures to the gallery, writing, proofing and creating a “half star” image, to just now adding this notation, took a total of 2 1/2 hours. During that time I also edited the WP quicktags, discovered I had The Gimp installed, and was happy to find that I could use it to make that nifty “half star”. I now have a headache.

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  1. Jenn says:

    It’s been awhile since we were there (Sean was almost 2?), but down in the Osterville harbor/boatyard, there was a small restaurant, decent prices with good fish and chips, chowder and sandwiches. Yet another new place to look for and try. And you haven’t been to the Japanese restaurant! I don’t think they have beef bowl, and you probably shouldn’t do sushi, but they have yummy terriyaki and yakisoba. I’ll have to tell you the story of Catie eating sushi…