Objects in picture are not as they appear

Last night, I dragged PBJ out to the Depot to pick out some flooring for the kitchen. Lucky for us, there is some 20% off deal going on, so we may actually get the project done in this lifetime. No rush, I’m just saying it hasn’t been the fastest moving project.

After grabbing a sample board, we headed across the street to Chilli’s Wareham for some grub. We sat at the bar, and waited for the waitress to speak with us. She asked us if we knew what we wanted to drink, but I had to ask for menus since they were not handy to bar patrons. (Chilli’s, why aren’t the menus handy? Why are the drink menus the only menu available?)

I ordered the mix ‘n match baby back ribs

Menu picture

and PBJ ordered the Cajun Chicken Pasta. For a drink I ordered the milk shake with sprinkles and PBJ had coke. The waitress seemed to struggle to put the order into the register and had to ask the other waitress working the bar for assistance. Then we waited for our food for about 20 minutes.

If you look in the menu picture, you will see lots of sauce on the ribs (the non-rub half rack) and little cups of additional sauce. The ribs I received, original and honey BBQ, had no sauce on them and I had no additional cups of sauce on my plate. I had to ask the waitress for cups of sauce, which I don’t think I should have had to do.

While I don’t like to compare restaurants, I think the ribs at the 99 are far superior to those found at Chilli’s. Also, the choice of sides at Chilli’s is lacking. There are three different types of potatoes (mashed, stuffed and fries) and corn is offered ‘on the cob’, so obviously it’s been frozen. I choose the steamed broccoli and really wish I hadn’t.

PBJ cleared his plate, and ate half of my fries. While he liked his food, he said it wasn’t anything special.

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 3 out of 4 stars. The service was questionable, non-attentive , menu pictures were deceptive , atmosphere sporty (ball game was turned on after a customer requested it, but the movie “Seabuscuit” had been on when we arrived), and the value was acceptable .

One of the waitresses must have been new, because she had to look up drink recipes. I’ve never seen that done before. PBJ liked his soda served in a ‘beer mug’, but commented that the glass mug itself was kind of heavy. I did order a sprite later in the meal, and I do have to say, the mugs are a tad over the top for serving soda in (and maybe beer too, but I don’t drink beer so my opinion on that matter doesn’t count for much).

Tripple Dipper menu picture
Tripple Dipper

The menu item I would have ordered if not for a rib craving was the “tripple dipper”. I would have chosen: Boneless Shanghai Wings, Boneless Buffalo Wings and Wings Over Buffalo® with a side of fries to make it a ‘meal’. The reason I didn’t order this item combo was that I had had buffalo chicken strips for lunch. I love buffalo as much as the next girl (oh! PBJ, spring motor bike tour to Buffalo!!), but twice in one day may have been more then this girl’s chemo recovering tummy could handle.

As you can tell, I love to eat out and share my opinions with you all. I usually try to eat some place I haven’t gone to in a while, or ever. It’s actually a little tough to find new places to eat, so I’m asking for your help. Post suggestions of places you like to eat, places you’ve wanted to try but are too chicken, or just places you are curious about. If it is a specific location (chain restaurant) you want me to hit, let me know. While in Wareham, we had considered Linsey’s, Bailey’s Surf & Turf, and Charlie’s. I really wanted to hit Charlie’s since they have pizza, but I think the last time I drove by the sign said they only serve food until 8pm. Both Linsey’s and Bailey’s looked pretty packed by the looks of the parking lots, which is most likely due to the Red Sox game.

And if you want to get me a gift card to anywhere you think I should try, I’m all tummy! I’ll even take you along to help my review if you’d like.

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One Response to Objects in picture are not as they appear

  1. Angela Biggs says:

    Have you done the Red Cottage in South Dennis? Breakfast/lunch, breakfast-only on Sunday. It’s on Old Bass River Road in South Dennis – off the beaten path, so you probably wouldn’t happen upon it by chance. If you ever get there, tell Dan the cook that Angela Biggs sent you. =)