Fried dough: The truth!

Sunday I was treated to “brunch” (ie: a late breakfast) with my bestest friend Jesse. She had it on a good authority (Drew) that there was fried dough available at Mary Ellen’s Bakery.

Off we went in Zippy, arriving towards the end of the “brunch” crowd. After waiting for a table, we sat down to peruse the menu.

Mary Ellen’s is located behind the DQ. This is an optimum arrangement since Mary Ellen’s crowd is more the morning type and DQ is focused on the afternoon/evening crowd. Inside Mary Ellen’s you will find a few tables (6? 8? I didn’t count) and a table height bar where about a dozen eaters can sit. There is also a display case featuring fresh baked goodies.

Perusing and discussing led us to both choose the “3 Banana Pancakes” without meat. We had both eaten pretty heartily over the last few days, so this was our attempt to slow down. Jesse had wanted to sample the French Toast made with Portuguese bread, but Mary Ellen had run out of Portuguese bread.

The pancakes were fairly tasty. The bananas were not overly ripe, or tough. A few slices were scattered about each pancake in the stack. When syrup was added, it was quite the treat.

With our stacks quickly devoured, I asked for a dozen fried dough to go ($1.25 ea/ $13 dozen), but had to settle with picking up the last four in the case.

Now here is where the fried dough devotees diverge. One camp of fried dough lovers enjoy theirs served naked, sans toppings. Another camp enjoys cinnamon, while yet another enjoys sugar. The sugar camp is actually split between regular (granulated) sugar and powdered sugar.

I’m a proud card carrying member of the powdered sugar camp. The fried dough from Mary Ellen’s bakery was already coated with granulated sugar. I didn’t have a choice of toppings since the doughs were cooked earlier in the morning with the other homemade bakery goodies.

While I’m certain that no one in any sort of position to make changes at Mary Ellen’s reads this blog, I would like to implore them (should they happen to find this) to serve the fried dough naked. This will give all fried dough lovers the opportunity to pick a topping, or not.

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 4* out of 4 stars. The pancakes weren’t bad , service was speedy , atmosphere homey , and the value was outstanding .

* A 1/2 star could have been deducted for the granulated sugar on the fried dough, but that would be mean. I also don’t have a picture of a half of a star.

With my to-go fried dough safely back at home, I gave a piece to dad. He said he hadn’t had fried dough in a long time, so he was more then worthy to share with. He enjoyed it, scarfing it down steadily. Within a half hour, he was asleep on the couch.

And that is the truth about fried dough: it will put you to sleep! Like all good carb heavy food, fried dough can put an energetic three year old into an early nap without the side order of guilt a sleeping pill comes with. If you ever have insomnia, I recommend fried dough. And the dozen to go order from Mary Ellen’s is a steal.

Mary Ellen’s Portuguese Bakery
829 Main St (behind DQ)
Falmouth, MA
Open for Breakfast & Lunch. Breakfast served all day. Fried dough until it’s all gone.

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