Pizza, ‘cuz his name is PBJ

Heading out for Saturday lunch, and a stop at the Dome Hepot, we found our way to Effie’s Pizza in Buzzards Bay. Neither of us had been there before, so it was new.

Effie’s isn’t fancy inside. You walk up to the chin height counter and place you pizza order. Then you sit down and wait.

We waited quite a while. If I knew it was going to be so long, I would have gone to the Dome Hepot and then come back. But we waited.

Hawaiian Pizza $12

When the pizza was called I was surprised to see the Greek style crust (flaky, airy) was actually thick. I’ve never seen a ‘thick’ Greek style crust before, and I’ve seen a lot of Greek style crusts since they are my favorite.

We had ordered a large Hawaiian. The ham was sliced deli ham cut into squares. Some of the ham was five slices thick, which I thought was weird, and not cost effective, but didn’t taste bad if you pulled two or three slices off and spread them around.

The pineapple were the tidbits size. They didn’t overwhelm the pizza. As for the sauce, it was sweet and yummy.

Now I must point out one very key ingredient: the cheese. Some places scrimp on the cheese. They can use a blend or cheap quality cheese, both of which can leave oily puddles on the pizza. Combine this oily cheese with greasy toppings and the pizza is screaming to be tossed out. The cheese that was found on the Effie’s Pizza was excellent! No oil puddles, no funny tasting blend. You didn’t feel all lubricated after taking a bite of pizza.

After we ate, we paid. How funny is that?

There is plenty of street side parking in Buzzards Bay, the view of the train bridge from Effie’s big front window is entertaining, and if you stuff yourself too much, just take a walk across the street and stroll along the canal.

If I had a star rating system (which I don’t), I would give it 4 out of 4 stars. The thick Greek style crust , non-oily high quality cheese , simple atmosphere , location .

My only suggestion to Effie’s would be a couple of cafe table & chair sets out on the sidewalk. The sidewalk is wide and there isn’t a great deal of foot traffic to impede.

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