Lobster Trap

Pretty good


It’s almost becoming a quest: find the best fish & chips for the best price. Today’s contestant is the Lobster Trap Co in Bourne, located on Shore Rd. I think they have a location in Buzzards Bay, but why bother with a bridge! (Note: they have a pretty nice website too!!)

Jesse and I both ordered the fish & chip plate ($10.99) that included tarter sauce and cole slaw. I picked out a cup of clam chowder ($2.99) and Jesse picked out corn on the cob ($1.99). I had a refillable fountain drink ($1.99) and Jesse picked out an Arizona Ice Tea. Neither of us picked a bottle of “Lobster Trap Root Beer”, but we were both tempted (Jesse is soda sober).

inside the lobster trap
Inside the dining room

As you can see, the fish is a decent portion size. We both found two big pieces, almost an entire fish worth. The breading wasn’t over cooked at all, but I suspect it was a pre-packaged formula (I could be wrong). I was very happy with the fish, but the fries left much to be desired: oily, undercooked, and a very limp. They could have stood for a few more minutes in the fry-o-later, but I did like the use of kosher/sea salt on them.

Now wait a second: go look at that first picture! Do you see it? Do you see the LEMON? Oh yes, my blog readers, Lobster Trap gave me a lemon wedge without me having to ask for it! Bonus Points!!

My clam chowder was pretty darn good. Big pieces of clams, fresh celery, thick and creamy. While I probably should have added some pepper (the suspected secret ingredient at Barnacle Bill’s), the chowder was good enough to stand on it’s own.

Working for his dinner

The atmosphere was pretty laid back. Walk in and place your order at the counter and wait for your number. It was slow enough last night that the college girls were bringing orders out to the tables. We were able to get a table right along the windows and had the entertainment of watching this guy try and catch our dinner (or so we imagined).

After stuffing ourselves, and hooking Drew up with a nice doggie bag (he’ll have to share how the fish reheated), Jesse and I actually went to Dairy Queen for twisty ice cream. We just aren’t right because we were already full from dinner, and there was no way we needed desert.

Personally I was so stuffed it was uncomfortable. But oh so worth it.

I’m taking suggestions for other places to try for Fish & Chips. Basic requirements are that it should be a place that is known for, or advertises it’s fish & chips. Don’t recommend a steak house, for example, unless they have really good fish & chips. Also, try and recommend non-chain like restaurants. Small, seasonal, Mom Pop & Gramps types of places are great. The quirkier the better.

And of course I’ll do my best to share my opinions with you all.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I looooove the Lobster Trap! I am so glad that you went. That picture that you took makes me hungry. You should try Lindsay’s in Wareham. Thier Lobster Bisque is delicious!!!