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Wednesday evening I took PBJ to Peking Palace in Falmouth. I haven’t been there since the renovation. We tried a year or so ago, but the place was packed and we ended up eating elsewhere.

The fish inside are very dramatic. The bamboo outside I was tempted to steal (I love bamboo).

The menu had two main sections: Japanese and Chinese. I was focused on the Chinese, because that’s what I was craving (mmm… fried rice….). I did glance through the Japanese section, but I didn’t study it to see if there were any beef bowls listed.

When you are there for dinner, you will not find any combination plates on the menu. This is a little frustrating, because I really just wanted to order what I wanted to eat, but leftover chinese isn’t so bad. The lunch menu does have combinations, so you may want to stick with that.

I ordered sweet & sour chicken (an american chinese food classic) and pork fried rice. The chicken was the cheapest chicken item on the menu, excluding the appetizers. PBJ ordered some ravioli and general gao’s chicken. The ravioli arrived with three different sauces: ginger, horseradish (I think) and a duck sauce (also a guess). The horseradish and ginger where both yummy for different reasons, and I didn’t try the duck sauce, but I’m sure it was good too.

The sweet & sour chicken was yummy, having about 9 well battered pieces in the order. The fried rice I thought was a little dry, but I always think of fried rice as best made with sticky Jasmine rice, so you’ll have to take my thoughts as skewed.

We’ll all have to wait for PBJ to offer his opinion about his general gao’s chicken.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. And considering how expensive it all was (due to the lack of combination dinner plates), that’s a major hit to this review.

The interior was very nice, and the flat screen tv’s in the bar where on the Travel Channel, not some lame sports channel, make it very watchable from our table.

I’d like to solicit company for another chinese food eating experience. I want to visit the recently rebuilt chinese food place next to Christo’s Pizza. And if anyone knows the name, please share. It’s such a tiny place, I can’t find any information on the net.

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