Cleanup aisle 1!

Sunday was pretty busy. After sleeping in (I’m not sleeping too good lately (and no, I don’t want to take anything for it)), I was rousted awake by Diezel wanting the leftover pizza on the counter.

After getting dressed and not having any luck making my ‘work at home’ internet connection work, I loaded Diezel in the car. We headed down to Eagle Pond for our regular weekend walk.

As we started the counter-clockwise route, a women with a retriever/lab mix came walking up the path going in a clock-wise direction. Her dog, Baily, wasn’t on a leash. The dog came trotting right up to Diez and commenced sniffing. As the woman walked closer, trying to call Baily away from us, Baily started to growl and the hair on the back of his neck went up.

Fortunately the woman finally got close enough to grab Baily’s collar before anything could happen, but it didn’t make me happy that she didn’t put a leash on the dog.

We continued to walk in a counter-clockwise direction. About 1/3rd of the way around the pond we again encounter Baily. This time the woman has grabbed Baily’s collar and is trying to hold him back while we pass by.

“He’s normally not like this”, she says to me. He’s probably not normally loose either, but I keep that thought to myself.

We keep walking slowly, enjoying the scenery. At the 2/3rds mark Baily again crosses our path. Now I know the woman, who had been talking on a cell phone, has to know we are out in the woods, and that we will undoubtedly cross paths again. Is Baily on a leash yet? No. She did tell the person on the phone she’d call back, seeing as she needed two hands to hold the dog back from lunging at Diezel.

We didn’t get too far along the trail before I heard her resume the phone call.

Just as we were reaching the parking lot we encountered a guy carrying nearly a full set of ice hockey gear. How odd, I thought, but as I looked out on the pond, still mostly frozen, I did catch a glimpse of several people ice skating, and even another dog out there. The strange sound that ice makes could be heard echoing off the hills around the south corner of the pond.

After our walk, we drove into Hyannis so I could do some work. Not what I planned. I brought Diezel into the office, and hoped to sneak out before the owner came downstairs from his office. No such luck. About 15 minutes into my marathon work session, Diezel comes nose to knees with the owner half way down the stairs. For someone that owns a small dog, Diezel certainly did surprise him.

After getting enough work done that I could do the rest at home, I gathered my stuff, along with Diezel, and left the office. Before getting in the car for the ride home, we took a quick walk down the street to the harbor. Because it’s the slow season, and a Sunday, we were able to walk right down to the water.

We traveled home and Diez was more then happy to get back home. I have a new seat cover in the car, and it’s sorta slippery. Diez isn’t comfortable laying down if he feels like he could slip.

I then headed out, sans Diezel, to Jesse & Drew’s house. I picked up Jesse and we headed out for Walmart returns. After returning items I didn’t need, ditto for Jesse, we took a speed cruise around the store, picking up H&B products.

Next we went to lunch, choosing the Carolina’s BBQ Barn. It used to be a Pizza Hut. We both opted for the “all you can eat” lunch. It’s an odd arrangement. They give you an A & B menu. First round you order 1 item off the A list (meat section) and two items off the B list (side dishes). Jesse picked spare ribs, sweet potato fries and mac & cheese. I picked the pulled pork, baked beans, and corn on the cob. I was thinking my pulled pork was going to be a sandwich, but it wasn’t. It was just a mound on the plate. I finished most of my food while Jesse left a good number of fries behind.

That’s ok, because we then headed down the street for ice cream at Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium. Jesse had never been inside, and I hadn’t been inside in quite some time. Jesse picked up some chocolates for Drew (to spoil his diet) and we each had a small ice cream. It was probably the biggest small ice cream I’ve ever had. I did finish, and Jesse’s never got soft enough to actually eat.

We then walked further down Main Street to “Uptown Dog“. Each of our little boy’s got a toy. Jesse picked out a star fish for Lincoln, and I picked out an Octopus for Diezel. We then took a very round-about way back to Jesse’s house.

Lincoln enjoyed his new toy so much he started chewing it apart in a matter of minutes.

After getting back home, and giving Diezel his octopus (the movies came out too dark to share :( ), we then headed out for a walk around the block, trying to beat sunset. We ran into Anne, Sky & Jackie who had just started their walk. They were actually held up because they had bumped into Mell & Pike, who were also out walking. Pike is an unfriendly pitbull that often lunges at other people and dogs. Mell has him so that there is an excuse to walk around the neighborhood and chat with people.

We walk with Anne and her dogs as Mell went home with Pike. We all headed behind the condo’s, getting very muddy feet. After returning to Anne’s house, we all parted company. Diezel wanted to get home, and I suspect it was because he was hungry and chilly (hey, he’s the one that doesn’t like to put coats on!).

Back at home for the night, I went back to working from home. And why did it work at the end of the day when it didn’t work all weekend long? Ask the techs, though I’m sure they’ll deny doing anything to make it work (I had sent a few complaining emails overnight to try and get them to fix the connection).

Oh, and if you click that cute picture of Diezel, you’ll be taken to the latest album of pictures… all of Diezel, and all by the camera phone.

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  1. PBJ says:

    See, I told you Carolina BBQ wasn’t all that great. But at least it’s something different.