DJ stand for…

Don Jaun….?

I faxed an order over to DJ Wings in Hyannis (former location of BoxCar Willys). This is around 12:10pm. That’s plenty of time to get an order together for 1p delivery.

I had put on the fax to call me and confirm receipt. When I didn’t get a call by 12:30p I started calling them. Busy. Busy.

Did I mention the line was busy?

Oh, then it rang. And rang, and rang. An answering machine picks up, thanks me for calling, tells me hours of operations, and to call back with my order, goodbye.

I go through this for a half hour. I even suspected they were closed.

Finally at 1pm (when the order was suppose to arrive) I get through. The woman puts me on hold.

Five minutes of dead air.

She comes back and I asked if she received my fax order. “No, we don’t take fax orders. Hold on.”

Silence again.

She comes back on the line “You’re Malrony, right? Hold on.” Doesn’t let me answer and I’m back to silence.

She comes on the line again. I tell her who this is and she was like, “we don’t take fax orders, but I have your fax, do you still want it?” Yes.

I get put on hold again. Yes, this is the third hold after a half hour of trying to call and confirm a fax order that they say they don’t take, but won’t even bother to call and tell me that, but yet they have it in hand.

Finally she comes back on the line. I tell her I’ve been trying to call for a half hour to which she replies “It’s really busy, KAM put in a big office order and we’re all backed up”. She confirms my order and tells me an hour at the most.

If an office puts in a large order, I assume it was in advance. Wouldn’t you plan for this? It’s three days before Christmas and the hordes of last second shoppers are decending on the area. Wouldn’t you plan for that?

Our order was delivered in about 40 minutes.

Salads: Big
Boneless wings: not homemade

While I’m here, let’s discuss boneless buffalo wings. If I’m paying a restaurant for boneless buffalo wings, do not serve me pre-packaged chicken tenders with tabasco sauce on them. I expect YOU to actually make boneless wings. I expect YOU to mix up some yummy sauce. If YOU serve me something I can easily make from prepackaged stupermarket items, I will not return.

So to let you all know, make sure you are clear on this: I won’t be returning to DJ’s for boneless wings. Ever.

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