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Block Headed

For clarification: I always seem to think that I’ve told everyone something, or posted info here, but then a huge population acts like I never told anyone. So… in the interest of telling everyone… I will NOT be giving out … finish reading Block Headed

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Partial Bailout

I have been very on-board with PBJ’s New Year’s Resolution to avoid eating at the “Big 3″ Fast Food joints. It has only been an occasional problem, like when only the big 3 are available. Unfortunately, as of today, I … finish reading Partial Bailout

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I worked up a craving today. Actually, it’s been building for months. PBJ’s bright idea to avoid the “Big 3″ fast food places for a New Year’s Resolution has meant a minimum exposure to sandwiches of the beef variety (or … finish reading Hamburglar

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To half sandwich, or not half sandwich

PBJ was kind enough to get me out of the house today. This is such an accomplishment. I had been out Saturday for lunch with the girls, but I hadn’t left the house since. No one is looking for me, … finish reading To half sandwich, or not half sandwich

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Small Confusion

There is a time differance regarding my medical appointments on Tuesday. Once I get the times straight I will be able to work on ride times for those of you that volumteered to drive. Sorry for making this so last … finish reading Small Confusion

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scratch an itch, find a lump, what a life!

Monday I finally sent the Beanville oncology team an email that I was moving to Jordan to work with Dr W. I didn’t share Dr W’s name, to save her phone calls. The email reply I received later in the … finish reading scratch an itch, find a lump, what a life!

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Pancakes and Laptops

Now that I’m older, and losing more wisdom by the day, I kept my birthday low key on the social side by going to a doctor’s appointment in Foxboro. I was treated to a T2 through T4 nerve block, and … finish reading Pancakes and Laptops

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Finally with my foot up

I’m suppose to put my DVT foot up when ever I can. I spent all day running around and I can definitely feel that the fluid has built up. Not super bad, but enough that it matches my steroid puffy … finish reading Finally with my foot up

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Let’s start again

After blogging this morning, I went back to sleep. Thank goodness. I woke up around 10:30am with the DIY network on. I think they were redoing a kitchen. Badly (as in ugly, what made you think that color looked good??). … finish reading Let’s start again

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A New Tattoo!

Doesn’t that sound like fun? A tattoo? Not to disappoint you, but it was just a new radiation alignment tattoo. I did have three alignment tattoos back in 2008. With all the damage to my skin (tumors and popsicles), I … finish reading A New Tattoo!

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