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Race Chair

My short notice Zofram appointment did not go so smooth Thursday. I was sick most of Wednesday night/ Thursday morning. I had woken up with unhappy tummy at 1:15ish am. I tried to get happy tummy for two hours. With … finish reading Race Chair

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Block Headed

For clarification: I always seem to think that I’ve told everyone something, or posted info here, but then a huge population acts like I never told anyone. So… in the interest of telling everyone… I will NOT be giving out … finish reading Block Headed

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New Shoes!

Mother Nature decided to turn summer on all the sudden. That’s when I realized I had ‘cleansed’ all my summer shoes and sandals. Opps. Just when you thought you weren’t going to live to see another hazy, hot and humid … finish reading New Shoes!

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To half sandwich, or not half sandwich

PBJ was kind enough to get me out of the house today. This is such an accomplishment. I had been out Saturday for lunch with the girls, but I hadn’t left the house since. No one is looking for me, … finish reading To half sandwich, or not half sandwich

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Small Confusion

There is a time differance regarding my medical appointments on Tuesday. Once I get the times straight I will be able to work on ride times for those of you that volumteered to drive. Sorry for making this so last … finish reading Small Confusion

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Better late then never…

The other day, during a disturbing nap, I had a dream that this guy was chasing me: Okay, not this guy exactly. This is just a cute little Lego set I put together the other morning. I really need to … finish reading Better late then never…

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PBJ made lemonade kool aid last night. This afternoon I told myself “just one cup…” to clear the back of my throat. I’m more then half way through that one cup and I know I won’t be able to stop … finish reading Stuck

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scratch an itch, find a lump, what a life!

Monday I finally sent the Beanville oncology team an email that I was moving to Jordan to work with Dr W. I didn’t share Dr W’s name, to save her phone calls. The email reply I received later in the … finish reading scratch an itch, find a lump, what a life!

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dunt – da – daa!

One of the items I picked up at the Wally the other day was a ‘personal ventilator’. Basically, a 7″ fan. I have it set up next to the foot of my bed (between the bed and window ), blowing … finish reading dunt – da – daa!

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Mentally, I was ambitious

Thursday I finally cornered PBJ for my stock up shopping trip. I had asked if he could go to Wally Falmouth after noon sometime, and he said he had to work in the evening. That wouldn’t be a problem as … finish reading Mentally, I was ambitious

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