Some last minutes updates

Since I forgot to post about it, the party is supposed to start around 4:30-5ish. The food should be beginning to be served around that point. Hopefully the weather holds up (looking good so far).

On a sadder note, we lost Shelby today. She was doing what she loved to do, and unfortunately her path took across the street right in front of a car. Not what we needed to happen right now (never a good time)

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“We’re havin’ a party…”

Mark you’re calenders for the afternoon of Sept 17th @ South Cape Beach in Mashpee (Thanks Dad for putting this together). Planning on a Pig and Chicken Roast with all the sides, if you need something else – ask and we’ll do our best to get it

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Of course, can’t forget

You are to sing karaoke. Badly.

Not quite sure how to pull that one off :)

(All I need is a Hello Kitty costume now!)

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Engrave That Urn Contest!

Hey it’s James – The whole family really appreciates all the support we’ve been getting. We need a favor of the collective – Rebecca wanted her urn with a sentimental engraving on one side.

My urn will have the sentimental engraving on one side. It will say my name, the dates of my life,

    and have a tag line I haven’t worked the kinks out of yet (I’ll keep you posted, but feel free to submit your suggestions).

The back side of my urn will have instructions engraved into it. First off, I am (in my cremated urn state) to be kept permanently displayed in a family member’s home.

We need some of those suggestions. There will definitely be a return address engraved on the bottom for the Traveling Urn. Dad is working on the beginning details of a Hawaiian themed party (of course she blogged about it, she even left instructions here too!)

Oh, and I have thoughts on my wake & funeral. First off, it better be a big blow out party. You are all to wear hawaiian shirts, no black allowed. You are to sing karaoke. Badly. You are to limbo while holding my urn. There should be a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and a Japanese strawberry shortcake (I’ll have to work on getting a picture for you). The party should be planned well in advance so everyone can attend, no last minute rush to get the night off from work. And I’d like to have a person in a cartoon character outfit greet everyone at the door. It’s a party after all!

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I’m outta here!

Rebecca passed away peacefully this afternoon . James and I were by her side. Rebecca’s wishes were for no wake or funeral, but for us to have a celebration of her life. We will post here on the blog when and where that will take place. No tears welcome.

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At McCarthy house

Rebecca is at McCarthy house in sandwich for care . We had a rough start getting her port in, but Rebecca came to the rescue, we searched her blog and found the trick for accessing it. So she has some good pain meds on board and is resting comfortably again.

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Moving to McCarthy

Jennifer again- We are having trouble managing Rebecca’s pain with oral pain meds at home, it’s becoming more difficult for her to swallow, and it’s alot of pills for her to take. She is being moved to the McCarthy inpatient hospice center in Sandwich to better care for her, where they will be able to give her meds through her port. Diesel was placed into foster care with Brave heart rescue last night, and they will work on finding a forever home for him. Rebecca was very appreciative that he found a place that would appreciate dogs like him, one less worry for her.

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Home from Jordan

This is Jennifer posting. Rebecca came home from Jordan Hospital yesterday afternoon. Chemotherapy and radiation have been stopped. There has been a spread of cancer to her brain. She is now staying downstairs with our parents, her hospital bed and comfy chair have been moved down to keep her comfortable. She said company would be good, although she tires pretty easily. Right now we are just trying to keep her in as little pain as possible.

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No kissy face for me!


I have thrush. Don’t know what it is, but welcome to my list of problems just the same.

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Celly only


And ‘ave to attatch a pic

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@ Jordan’s


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