Who's picture is this? Could it be 'Satan'?

Q.  What is "Cookie's"?
A.  It is my home on the web.  I've been a proud home owner since 1999.   I won 'Yard of the Year' in 2001.

Q. What is in your home?
A.  Just a few rooms. There is the gallery and the conservatory.  Also in the back yard are a few garden nomes of interest.

Q.  What is in the gallery?
A.  Pictures, of course.  Lit up by Gallery software.

Q.  What is in the conservatory?
A.  My thoughts, which may or may not be interesting.  Extracted by Word Press.

Q.  What kind of garden nomes are in the back yard?
A. Basically the nomes do not get along with the house pets.  They are their own seperate group.

Q.  Where did the name 'Cookie' come from?
A.  I spent some time on a ship in the Med and the cook was a nasty skank.   I started stealing cookies from the pantry at night.  The security guards suspected I was up to something, and would stop me in the corridor, demanding I empty my pockets of all the cookies.  I had stuffed them into my coveralls, and never in my pockets.  I started trading the cookies on the black market.  All was well until the ship ran out of milk...

Q.  What kind of cookies are you named after?
A.  Chips Ahoy, but they are not my favorites.

Q.  Is that you in the picture on the top of the page?
A.  Get you eyes checked... that's Satan, not Cookie.



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